Our mission is to give local property owners, business’s and the Government of Western Australia, a unique solution to control nuisance and invasive vegetation, for development and bushfire regulation purposes.

Locally owned and operated, we strive to give you a sense of relief, knowing your unwanted and invasive vegetation is being taken care of in an efficient and safe manner by those who know the area.

Established in 2000, we are continuously developing our skills and are adapting to what W.A. is asking for. We invest heavily in our team and the equipment and technology they use so we can offer the most effective solution to date.

Our core experience is around forestry mulching, firebreak installation, grass slashing and licensed weed spraying, with our operators being skilled in every aspect of what we do whilst meeting industry OHS requirements.

We look forward to partnering with you.


Forestry Mulching is the most effective and efficient way to clear vegetation for bushfire mitigation purposes. The process involves cutting and chipping vegetation that is up to 500mm in diameter and laying that mulch back onto the soil surface. Our machinery is not restricted by many vegetation types and can mulch on most terrains.

Forestry Mulching is beneficial as it leaves a coarse mulch on top of the ground that reduces soil erosion, retains soil nutrients and decreases evaporation rates. Mulching is a more cost and time effective method rather than removing and transporting vegetation waste to disposal facilities.

Forestry Mulching applications include Right of Way clearing; such as firebreaks, vehicle and personal access; removal of invasive species and can be used for parkland clearing.

We use purpose built Fecon and Terex mulching machines, which are preferable as they have a very low ground pressure, and can be safely operated on inclines of up to 30 ̊. Our team are among some of the very few in the state who have acquired forestry mulching endorsements.

Forestry Mulching is a long-term fire mitigation and property maintenance solution that can have a desirable finish on any scale, small or large.

Fire Breaks

Firebreaks are mineral earth tracks, generally situated around the perimeter of a property and are a requirement by Local Governments, as per their Bushfire Control Notice. In some cases, it can prevent a fire from moving into surrounding parcels of land or in the unlikely event of a bushfire, a firebreak provides the safe access for fire and emergency vehicles.

A mineral earth firebreak can be achieved by various methods, the most common being cultivation with a rotary hoe. The best approach will be discussed prior to the commencement of an installation.


Where possible we use Flail mowers/mulchers as they provide a much nicer cut than traditional grass slashers. However, slashers have their place, where some terrains do not permit the use of flail mowers. Our combination of small front deck and large agricultural tractors allow us to access most areas.

A residential block slash is a process by which the grass is cut without collecting or removing the clippings. This must be done according to local council regulation and will lower fuel loads for any potential fire in a residential area.

A paddock slash is a process to cut grass on rural properties, similar to a block slash, this significantly reduce bushfire fuel loads across a large open area where strong winds can speed up a fire.

Licensed Weed Spraying

Weed spraying is an alternative control method to areas not easily accessible to machinery. Spraying can control weed growth for extended periods of time. Our chemicals are carefully chosen to suit the application and we are licensed by the Department of Health to carry out weed spraying activities.

We can customize a maintenance program that suits your property throughout the year or weed spraying on your request.


How we help

Forestry Mulching

Fire Breaks


Licensed Weed Spraying


Your responsibility as a landowner

Western Australian Legislation stipulates under the Bush Fire Act 1954,

landowners of residential and rural properties must ensure their properties are compliant according to their local council bushfire control notice deadline and remain compliant throughout the entire bushfire season.

We understand that each council has specific requirements and we will

customize our methods to ensure your property complies. Your local city

council will have further information on their deadline and requirements.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality finish and all works carried out on properties are compliant, ensuring landowners do not receive infringements


& Commercial

We have coordinated and completed large-scale projects, according to budget and time constraints for government departments and for some of the largest land developers in Australia.

We have the highest quality equipment that is prepared for any sized project. We are fully insured, adhere to Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and have our own Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (OHSE) plan.

Contact us today for a free quote that is tailored for you.


Generally, a minimum of 3m wide and 4m high, but check with your local city council or contact us for more information.
We are aware of each city council’s requirements and will tailor your firebreak accordingly.

Contact us and we will discuss a time that suits before the deadline and ensure that your property remains compliant.

It is a State Government requirement for bushfire mitigation and will assist emergency vehicles to have safe access to your property in the unlikely event of a fire.

In most cases, no. We will contact you prior to work being carried out to make sure the property is accessible for our machinery.

Let us know when you contact us to book and we will discuss with you what is most convenient and safe for the work to be completed.

We will send you an invoice by letter or email once the work has been
completed and payment can be made by EFT or bank cheque.

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